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Exciting announcements for developers from Google’s I/O 2016 conference

Google announced new updates to Android Studio, firebase and a brand new system called Instant Apps at it's I/O conference this year. Here's a...
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Google announces new high quality VR platform called Daydream for Android

A platform built for high quality, mobile virtual reality to help create VR. The platform was built for Android devices specifically baked into Android...
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Announcements for Android N and Android Wear 2.0 from Google I/O 2016

It is the 10th anniversary for Android and it has become one of the most used operation system in the world. There are over...
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About Google’s new smart messaging app Allo and its video calling counterpart Duo

Google Photos has over 200 million active monthly users and it's computer vision has labelled over 2 trillion times. Google utilized the power of...
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How Google plans to smarten your home with Google Home

Google wants to extend the connected Google Assistant experience to the Home where devices like Amazon Echo dominate in smart voice intelligence assistance. Google...
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Google’s new conversational assistant called Google Assistant

Google first announced its first conversational assistant similar to Siri rather than just intelligent search like Google Now at it's I/O conference at SHORELINE...

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